Deepak Ganju Fresh Voice

30 years as a resident of our Village

3 generations of my family live in the Village

Committed to the future of our Village

Miami Shores Village Council voting is on April 11, 2023.

→ Priorities



Ensure that our village continues to be a safe place for us to live while preserving and protecting our environment.


Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan should be restructured from its current form.



Revitalize and upgrade community center and recreation facilities.



Accelerate the septic to sewer conversion.



Bring resources to help address sea-level rise, flooding, and infrastructure concerns.


Civic Duties

Improve our permitting, zoning, and code enforcement procedures.

→ My Statement

Candidacy Statement

I'm Deepak Ganju, a 30-year resident of Miami Shores. I am a small business owner with an engineering background. I am also a founding Director of Holding Hands Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3)organization partnering with Miami hospitals to support and feed cancer patients and caregivers.

I have worked diligently to build a successful business and raise a family right here in Miami Shores, after having been uprooted by terrorists from my birthplace.  For similarly affected people, I co-founded Kashmir Hindu Foundation as a support organization and also run an online magazine viewed by more than ten thousand people monthly.

For what I have received here, I have been working to give back as a community organizer. I recently led a civic upgrade project to redesign the roadway at the Miami Shores Elementary School. 

As an experienced engineer and long time business owner, I will bring my critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills abilities to the City Council. I will be a fresh voice to ask purposeful questions, include new perspectives, and start meaningful conversations, to drive conclusions that benefit our Village.

→ About Me

I was born and raised in India.

In 1993 I immigrated with my family to Miami Shores.


An engineer by training. An entrepreneur at heart.

Now I own and operate a small business in Miami.

Community Service is my passion.

And I am committed to the future of my family and our Miami Shores Village.


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